How old does my dog have to be?
Any dog over the age of 6 months old can participate in DockDogs events or practices.
Do you only accept certain breed dogs?
Hudson Valley DockDogs prides itself on being a zero discrimination organization. DockDogs allows and encourages dogs of all breeds and abilities to participate in DockDogs.
What should I bring with me to an event or practice?
A 4 foot Leash.  A Flat Collar (no prong collars are allowed on the dock).  Your Dog’s Favorite Toy (it needs to float!). Dress for sun or rain, it’s a beautiful open field. We jump in the rain, but absolutely NOT if there is an imminent threat of lightning. Good shoes (waterproof) are helpful, but not essential – any comfortable footwear will work. Other things to bring include an EZ up tent or canopy, crate, towels and a chair.

VERY IMPORTANT:  NY State law requires a copy of your dog’s Rabies Certificate We will remind you of this two weeks before the class date.

What is Big Air?
This is the long jump equivalent for canine athletes. The dog may be set anywhere on the 40 ft dock and runs and jumps into the water after their favorite toy. The distance they jump is measured from the end of the dock to the base of the dog’s tail breaks the water.

Sue Sangillo - Dutchess county fair 2015 072

What is Speed Retrieve?
This is a timed event. The dog is lined up on the 20 foot mark on the dock. The handler releases their dog on a start command. The dog then RUNS, JUMPS AND SWIMS to the end of the pool to retrieve a bumper suspended over the water. The dog must detach the bumper and the quickest time wins.

Speed Retrieve

What is Extreme Vertical?
This event is judged on the vertical height the dog jumps to grab the bumper  that is suspended 8′ feet out from the end of the dock over the water. The dog is placed anywhere in front of the 20′ mark. The dog then launches upward in the dock diving version of a high jump competition. Beginning  height is 4’6″ and has gone well over 8 ‘. The distance remains the same and is judged on increasing vertical height.

Extreme Vertical

How do I join Hudson Valley DockDogs?
You can join Hudson Valley DockDogs via our website or onsite at any of our events.
What are the benefits of Hudson Valley DockDogs Membership?
Hudson Valley DockDogs membership offers a multitude of benefits. Learn about the benefits here.
Where does Hudson Valley DockDogs practice?
Hudson Valley DockDogs holds practices and some of our club events at K9 Aqua Sports Club. K9 Aqua Sports Club is located at
639 Smithfield Road, Millerton, NY 12546.
Pool Rental at K9 Aqua Sports Club Sanctioned Facility

The Hudson Valley DockDogs practice pool is located at 639 Smithfield Rd Millerton NY 12546 (click for Google Map Directions). It is a 28,000 gallon above ground Splash pool, with a regulation DockDogs® size dock and dock surface.  It is owned by K9 Aqua Sports Club and is rented by the club for Member Practices, Club Events, (open to the public) and Try Dock Diving™ classes.

K9 Aqua Sports Club is an official DockDogs® Sanctioned Facility

PLEASE VISIT THE K9 WEBSITE to request your rental time.

Hudson Valley Club Members in good standing may rent the pool/dock on a space-available, hourly basis throughout the season for practice.  Please visit the K9 Aqua Sports Club Web Site for more information.

Note On Multiple Dogs: Your Hudson Valley DockDogs membership allows you to jump up to 3 dogs during a K9 Aqua Sports Club rental session.  All of these dogs must be your own dogs, and if there are more than 3, a $ 5.00 fee per additional dog will be charged.

How do I join DockDogs Worldwide?
If you’d like to join DockDogs Worldwide as a member you can do so via logging into your DockDogs Handler Account, clicking on Teams, then selecting “Purchase Membership”.
Where can I find a copy of the DockDogs Worldwide Rules & Policies?
To obtain a copy of the DockDogs Worldwide Rules & Policies please click here.

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