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Dock Diving™ is one of the fastest growing and exciting canine water sports, and great fun for you and your dog. Hudson Valley DockDogs first started jumping our dogs 2006, and this year we’re celebrating our tenth year. In June 2008, We became the first official DockDogs® Worldwide affiliate club serving the Northeastern region of the U.S. We are also one of the oldest continuously run DockDogs® clubs in the U.S.


Your Dog Can Do This!

Any dog 6 months or older, any Handler over the age of 7, no experience necessary! Interested in getting involved as a Hudson Valley DockDogs Member? Just want to check out one of our classes or events first? No problem!



Get on the Dock

Hudson Valley DockDogs holds sanctioned club practices, socials, training sessions, Affiliated Club events, along with participating at DockDogs Worldwide Events. Check our events schedule out for the next time you can get on the dock!


What is DockDogs?

Dock Diving™ is a canine aquatic sport where dogs jump off a dock to catch and retrieve their toy.  The organized sport first appeared in 1997 at the Incredible Dog Challenge. It was an immediate success and people got excited for their dogs to try it!

Since the early days, this sport has grown steadily in participation, and enjoyment.  All DockDogs clubs are affiliates of the governing organization of DockDogs® Worldwide in Medina, Ohio DockDogs® Worldwide was the first organization (2000) and is still the largest by a wide margin.  All affiliate clubs and sanctioned facilities operate within the bylaws of the largest governing body in canine aquatic sports, DockDogs® Worldwide.

DockDogs Disciplines

Big Air
Big Air®
This is the long jump equivalent for canine athletes. The dog may be set anywhere on the 40 ft dock and runs and jumps into the water after their favorite toy. The distance they jump is measured from the end of the dock to the base of the dog’s tail breaks the water.
Extreme Vertical
Extreme Vertical®
This event is judged on the vertical height the dog jumps to grab the bumper  that is suspended 8′ feet out from the end of the dock over the water. The dog is placed anywhere in front of the 20′ mark. The dog then launches upward in the dock diving version of a high jump competition. Beginning  height is 4’6″ and has gone well over 8 ‘. The distance remains the same and is judged on increasing vertical height.
Speed Retrieve
Speed Retrieve®
This is a timed event. The dog is lined up on the 20 foot mark on the dock. The handler releases their dog on a start command. The dog then RUNS, JUMPS AND SWIMS to the end of the pool to retrieve a bumper suspended over the water. The dog must detach the bumper and the quickest time wins.

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